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full interior and exterior services available to bring a brilliant shine

Cleaning windows can be a difficult, tedious job - let us do it for you!

We specialize in cleaning residential windows, both interior and exterior, no matter how hard to reach.

Using the squeegee method, along with our ladder system allows us to give your windows the maximum detailing and attention up close. We also employ our 4-stage water-fed units for higher, hard-to-reach windows to get them as clean as clean can be!


We use mild soap and no harsh or harmful cleaning chemicals in our cleaning process.

We also offer cleaning of:


Window Tracks

Sliding and Storm Windows






Post Construction Cleaning

Numerous custom home builders trust us to remove construction debris after the building process. We use the right tools and techniques to give the glass a pristine finish.

Window cleaning can continue throughout the winter as long as certain conditions are met:

  • A temperature no colder than -5 C. This is made possible by using anti-freezing agents in the water that also leave a streak-free finish.

  • It is not snowing or raining. Clear skies are optimal.

  • The windows are accessible for the team: this involves making sure they can safely set up ladders on clear, flat surfaces and don’t need to walk on snowy roofs.

  • Winter window cleaning occasionally includes skipping a few panes if accessibility proves to be unsafe.


Booking a Cold Weather Window Cleaning Appointment

Because of these challenging weather conditions, all of our appointments will be booked on a weather permitting basis. We will tentatively book you into the schedule and will reschedule to another date if weather isn’t favorable until we can get your windows clean for you. If you have further questions, please click here to contact us.


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